Online Dating Sites Australia – Review Criteria

We have decided on a standardized set of criteria to judge all online dating sites in the interest of accuracy and fairness. While not all online dating sites will offer the same features,  membership coverage areas or services, we will present the information at face value and  give an Overall Score based on delivering what the site claims to offer.

While most of you will probably be looking for sites that can deliver near instant gratification via a casual affair, we will also review dating sites in Australia that are more geared towards friendships/relationships with a view to long term satisfaction as well as more niche type sites like Cougar dating.

Online Dating Site Review Criteria

Including but not limited to:

1. Sign Up Process

  • Are there initial costs?
  • Is it a simple or convoluted process?
  • Which ages, sexes or sexual orientations does it cater to?

2. Membership Base

  • How many members are there?
  • Is there a good cross section of sexes, sexual orientations and ages?
  • What is the member density for different areas, only major cities or regional centers too?
  • Are they tire kickers or active members looking to participate in the dating sites primary focus?

3. Cost.

  • What are the exact costs for each step of the way?
  • Are the costs appropriate for what they deliver?
  • What are the billing methods?
  • Are refunds/guarantees available?
  • How easy is it to cancel?
  • Discreet billing?

4. Site Features

  • What features are on offer?
  • Do these features consistently work?
  • Are there any further charges to use them?

5. Ease Of Use

  • Are all features easy to access?
  • Is the site intuitive and well laid out?
  • Is the site accessible to all or only those with a computer science degree?

6. Site Experience

  • Does the site deliver what it promises
  • Is there spam, scammers or trolls?
  • What is its prevalence and how is it handled?
  • Are there effective and easily accessible reporting tools?
  • Are the administrators quick to respond?

7. Customer support

  • Do they respond quickly to any of the above issues?
  • Are they efficient and friendly?
  • What are their hours of operation?
  • What is the method of contact, is it easy to find?
  • Do they provide detailed FAQ’s?

Who does our reviews?

We rely on a number of sources such as personal experience, research, customer feedback, press coverage, online complaints and user metrics. We will provide a multifaceted review from these sources to bring you the most unbiased reviews possible.

Why include bad sites?

Far be it from us to dictate which online dating sites you should be able to read about. In the interests of openness and fairness, we will present all of our findings, good and bad, and let you weigh the information up for yourself.

Why haven’t you reviewed ‘X’ site?

There are many hundreds of dating sites in Australia with more appearing regularly. We will research and add these sites in the future. If there is a site you would like us to investigate, please leave a comment below and we will endeavor to evaluate it as soon as possible.


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