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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital AffairCasual Affair Lips One of the biggest concerns people have with joining any dating service is ‘Am I going to get ripped off?’ We’ve all heard stories of people paying out good money on hearing promises of guaranteed relationships or casual affairs, only to find that money would have been better spent elsewhere. The BeNaughty Scam is something that has popped up quite a few times from numerous quarters and, for quite a few reasons.
Firstly, BeNaughty is aimed at adults with little time for relationships and looking more for instant (or near to) sexual gratification via a chat or a hook up. On the surface this is a pretty straightforward plan but the unfortunate repercussion with this particular site is the multitude of prostitutes, escort services and cam girls infesting it.

money (be naughty scam)
The BeNaughty Scam is that what you think are genuine profiles and messages are actually organized scammers, spammers and advertisers who are wasting your time and money. Whilst this may not be intentional on the part of those who run the site, it doesn’t change the fact that this is many people’s overwhelming experience.


george3277 from says,


“Absolute waste of money! There are no real girls on this site, it is just full of cam strippers and fake profile with automated reply’s which try to lure you on to other sites! scammers united! this site is not even worthy of one star but i had to rate it unfortunately!”



To their credit, the site managers have stated on a number of sites that they actively respond to all complaints about fake profiles and remove them. The issue, they say, is that they spring up as quickly as they are deleted therefore making it extremely difficult to successfully manage the spammers. These statements are not borne out by comment’s such as



“I have reported hundreds of fake profile’s to no results.”



The BeNaughty Scam gets worse as it appears the owners have resorted to their own spam bots in an attempt to convince people that there are quality people to meet on the site.


BigBert301 wrote this on


“I told them I was from BugTussle, AB and within 5 minutes, there a page full of pictures of local girls from Bugtussle all wanting to meet me! It’s a load of garbage! Bugtussle doesn’t exist!”


This doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident and occurs after signing up in order to get you to go from a non-paid member as well as to keep you on the hook and get your hard earned cash in their pockets.


torntone from says


“After creating a profile for i was hit with over 50 emails from supposed other members wanting to chat but when i bought the membership emails down to zero…”


The reviews from these sites don’t get much better. Of the 249 reviews for BeNaughty on, the average rating is 1.7 out of 5 and, as you can see above, that is primarily because the lowest rating they can give is a 1. But the BeNaughty Scam doesn’t end there.


There are also a number of websites with complaints from people who’ve had issues cancelling their subscriptions or general problems with payment processing. From attempting to double charge subscriptions to re-billing after a cancellation has been sent, the BeNaughty Scam has caught out a lot of people and recovering the funds has proven difficult.


Whilst it’s not always the company’s fault for re-bill errors (hell, even I’ve missed a cut off date before), but the sheer number of complaints point to this subscription model being bogus.


Otlore from shares


“Further more they use repeat billing on the site and you cannot cancel online?! You have to phone a premium number. COMPLETE RIP OFF – BE WARNED.”


All of this evidence points toward a site that is, at best, poorly run and, at worst, is actually an online scam. Aside from these apparent blatant rip-offs, the BeNaughty Scam is perpetuated by a heap of reports of chat rooms that only work for a few hours a day, video chat that barely ever works and an instant messaging system that is composed almost entirely of ripoff merchants attempting to lure you onto paid sites, almost completely hampering your ability to actually sift to the people genuinely interested in hooking up.


BeNaughty Review Red HairIf you are after a site which offers discrete encounters or casual affairs for singles and married people, you are much better off going through a trusted site like You will be hard pressed finding complaints like the BeNaughty Scam which litter the internet as Ashley Madison Australia offer a great service on a brilliantly serviced website that’s short on scammers and big on actual people wanting to hook up. Ashley Madison Australia also use a much more sensible credits based system which means you only spend money when you decide to, no subscriptions required.


Check out their ‘Guaranteed Affair’ package here.


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24 Responses to BeNaughty Scam

  1. karinsman says:

    Chief problem I’ve found with BNaughty so far is that it’s highly unstable. In any of the various search systems if you go out of a search list to look at some particular profile, and then want to go back to the list, it’s seldom at the point where you left it. Profiles have apparently been re-squenced apparently at random, so you can’t study search results in any organised fashion. The ‘go-back’ command frequently goes not back but to some other inscrutable page that appears to do nothing. In other areas, a feature tells you you’ve got mail, but when you go to your mailbox there’s nothing there. Unlikely clusters of members appear in unlikely places such as ‘Victoria, Seychelles’ and ‘Gloucester, UK’. The same profile appears under various different screen names. Wish I hadn’t got caught up in it really, so I’m pleased to have come across your service. ‘Swinger’s Heaven’ has given me the best results, and is free, and ‘FuckBuddy Australia’ was OK too although another paying one. Will be interesting to see the results of your tests of them.

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences karinsman. We’ll look into those two other sites as well and post our findings as soon as we can.

    • Rudy says:

      I have been on this thing for 6 months and I haven’t seen single prostitute or escort. Sure, there are people that are TRYING to give you a sob story for money, but these are easily recognised, when you have been on the site for a few days. You take from the site what you want. It’s goof time fill and occasionally, you can get the ‘odd shot away’. All in all I have no complaints.

  2. Gary says:

    Biggest Scam website. All gals on the site are scam… Don’t Waste your money on this site. And to cancel repeat billing you need to call the customer service team.. its just a way to make money..

  3. Anthony says:

    Could someone please supply me with a number to contact admin of Be Naughty as they have been taking money on a regular basis from my account and I would like to have it stopped. Thanks. You can email me at the above address

    • admin says:

      Hey Anthony,

      The number to call for cancelling your BeNaughty payments in Australia is 1800 187 218. You also need to cancel your payments from within the BeNaughty site under My Account => Billing History => Cancellation.

  4. Marc says:

    Yep this site is chock full of fake profiles…. a great looking photo then you start chatting and ask what suburb the person is in (because no point chatting to hook up with someone in Perth when you are in Sydney) and they answer with a vague generalization…. “central part”….. what a joke. They are probably in Prague!… Which begs the question…. does the site know about these and is the whole thing a scam???

  5. kez says:

    I don’t know what you’re all on about ,, the site is set up a bit shitty but i find it to be very satisfying…

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the first opposite POV we’ve received Kez. We are aware that you can succeed on the site but the fake profiles, misleading practices and difficulty with customer service that we (and many others) found hampered any efforts to get to the real people. You can check our in depth BeNaughty Review here.

    • MountainMan says:

      You may be a woman, kez. For men, it is an endless roundabout of fakes and cam models getting in touch and, as others have described in threads. A female friend of mine joined the site and had some lovely experiences with genuine men. She was surprised to hear of scams, just as you are.

      I’d add that one sought to chat, I told “her” that I did not want a cam model, she assured me that she was not one and offered me a Skype contact. Her profile said Melbourne, the Skype was NZ and – shock – her cam wasn’t working, so do I know of BlackBook? She has a code that will give me access for free for a month blah blah.

      When I called the opt out number, a woman with a Filipino accent told me that she would grant me a free fortnight more, even though my cancellation was logged. I asked whether I would have to call again to kill the account even if I did not use it once in that extra fortnight and she told me that I would. I then insisted on cancellation as sought.

      A very dodgy set up. Try flingfinder.

  6. Robbo says:

    Be Naughty does not deliver on its promises Lots of messages to unfinancial members, but as soon as Cupid Plc has your credit card number all that will cease. Those intial messages are a hoax. The only mail you’re likely to get after beoming a paid up member are emails from the site administrator telling you how you are missing out by not a member of other red hot dating services run by Cupid Plc. Further I have real doubts as to the integrity of Be Naughty’s “valued menbers” list. Practically all seem inactive and the info as to members last log in dates is inconsistent. Different dates are quoted on different parts of the site. Simply unreliable. Best advice is to steer clear of Be, as you are unlikely to be naughty at all, just a little poorer !

    • Neversaynever says:

      I’ve been on this site for less than a week. I’ve received countless winks etc from what are obviously cam girls or working girls. Not one genuine contact, despite my polite letters to what I believed to be real people of an appropriate age. Contacted the administrators and was invited to be a trusted ambassador who would help them identify scammers. I declined, to do so would have been a full time occupation and surely that was their job, not mine.
      Also have recieved many offers to link up to other sites: wildbuddies and being just two of them. In fact, simply clicking on these other sites to check seems to have made me a member with a profile on that site. I am in the process of trying to unravel it all now. I’m fearful of my credit cards bleeding to death through my naivety. Scammers piss me off!

  7. Craig says:

    To the benaughty admin, you know all about the fake accounts on your site as you the admin/ owners create most of them. Like so many others on here I have reported a number of fake accounts with you the admin doing ZERO to remover them.

    One instance I have reported is the same photo used on 3 yes 3 different account names from 3 different Australian cities.

    Below is a “convo” I had with a “so called” woman just today:

    me 2:54 AM nice rack
    lovelyXXXX 2:54 AM so what you been up to?
    me 2:55 AM bananas are purple
    lovelyXXXX 2:55 AM you enjoying this site, aren’t you?
    me 2:55 AM only with a cattle prod
    lovelyXXXX 2:56 AM what is your ultimate goal on here?i mean what do you want from this site?
    me 2:57 AM to find atlantis

    Yes I have changed the user names so as NOT to breach any privacy issues, however I challenge anyone to make sense of “her” replies in relation to what I had said.

    So all in all your site is a scam, full of bogus accounts just to gage membership fee’s of us males. You can try to defend that anyway you like but that is also the opinion of a lot of the other comments on here.

    As to your “search” feature it’s crap too, I have 5 mates also on your site & one day for a laugh we all sat down together (yes 5 of us in real life all at the same table with our laptops) & we each set the EXACT same search parameters & we each got a different result. To the point that 2 didnt even have the same list of women.

    And then theres your own messages urging us males to join various other sites (ran by you) with the promises of meeting more women in our local area. Naturally you want us to pay for each of these sites in yet another attempt to pry our wallets open.

  8. Craig says:

    Just to add to my above post. 3 years ago i helped a female friend set up an account on be naughty, she logged in 3-4 times during the first week and has never used the account since. This morning i see that her account is showing she is online and i called her to ask if it was her using her account. She was adimate that she hasnt logged in since that first week, So it appears the be naughty admin are now using her account for their own means.

  9. Jacob says:

    Both of the above are a scum. You will find that the replies are similar. I believe it is run by the same people. I just found that monies were taken out of my account months after I cancelled membership. I rang them and threatened them with reporting to Federal police. They immediately agreed to return monies

  10. neil says:

    I signed up and immediatly got messages form girls who said they lived locally. I was asked by the first 5 or so girls for a safety check. I was told to go to the same site which took me to a site apparently run by..of all agencies Interpol. They said i need to pay $160 for a full background check and will be given a number code which i am to use when going back to speak to these girls. Alarm bells started to ring as being a former soldier i know perfectly well Interpol is usually only involved in serious crimes in Europe…not Australia. After reading some of these reviews i feel lucky i could cancel and had no problems. Lookout for this …definatly a scam….i still laugh…Interpol, really.

  11. I have forgotten my pass word due to so many accounts. Could you please help me? These are the 2 numbers I’ve used I have a account set up already with a photo. The account I want is the one I was on last for 3 days but can’t remember my password. (Phone Numbers Removed -admin). Thankyou

  12. Madis says:

    Total bullshit! A lot of letters until you pay for the `upgrade`. And then scammers and silence. If you cannot cancel your billing, just block your credit card! And order a new one, as if lost! Why would you call and pay extra?

  13. Dave says:

    This company employs people who respond to men’s personals on Craigslist. They will respond to your ad, then ask you to ” chat” with them over, making excuses such as ” I don t have a phone”, “your email was scrambled”, or “I am too shy to talk on the phone”. They use fake pictures to get you to sign up for the site, after which point your credit card number is in their hands. The site’ s female “members” are persistent, and keep tyinng to get you to sign up. They may mention streets and landmarks in your town (information readily available on the Internet) or comment on the current weather in your town to deceive you into thinking that they are real. Time to shut down these scammers. What are credit card companies and law inforcement doing to stop them?

  14. Arthur Fatt says:

    Be Naughty is utter crap. Nothing real about it. Sure a few real women join the site but you will be lucky to ever meet one. All the fakery mentioned in the previous posts is certainly true. Its worse, and if you joi those other sites you will find they are all driven by the same database of profiles you see on this site. Its how these sites work. Head company owns the profiles and loads of affiliates just rebadge the same data…I have spent a year compiling evidence and have now lodged it with police in a number of countries.

  15. Shaun says:

    Hey admin I tried the. 1800 number you said to cancel my subscription for be naughty in Australia and it’s the number for Cupid. Com not be naughty I’ve tried to cancel my rebill and they keep saying I need a verification code which will be sent to my email within. 1 hour and I still havnt got it worst decision I’ve ever made wat a rort

    • admin says:

      Hi Shaun,

      Cupid is the parent company for BeNaughty as well as a dozen or so other adult sites. The process we have listed has worked for many other people so I’m not sure what the issue is with yours.

      Are you checking the original email account that you signed up with? If you no longer have access to it maybe we can suggest to update your email within the BeNaughty site and then try cancelling again. Hopefully you will then receive their verification code.

  16. dan says:

    I was on be naughty for a couple of years. While I did manage a few hook ups over the time, there are just so many can girls on there. Majority of msgs I received, well pretty much all of them unless initiated by me, were from scam girls. They were always so easy to pick though. Was frustrating that the admins never seemed to do anything about it, I think they choose to keep them on there as without them there would be bigger all girls on there. Never came across escorts though.. also, there were alot of profiles that I believe were not cam girls busimply dummy profiles that were constantly online

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