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With a huge membership of very active people, more features than you can poke a stick at, a free two week Gold Membership (read below) and a three month hook up guarantee, Adult Friend Finder has fast become one of our favourite sites. This is only our third, five star review and it deserves every star. Check it out today.

Casual Affair Lips(Warning: This site is not for prudes) Adult Friend Finder is the world’s largest adult social network whose main purpose is getting horny adults to chat, meet and hook-up for either a short term thing or something more permanent. The site is packed full of features and always has a heap of members online for chatting or lining up something else. With over 52,000,000 members worldwide and nearly 300,000 in Australia, there’s bound to be someone who tickles your fancy.


Sign Up Process

Sign up at for your free Standard account. You will be prompted to fill in a couple of lines about yourself and, as we suggest with all affair/dating sites, you should fill in these areas as completely as possible. This finished, we again suggest filling in your profile completely as well as uploading your full gamut of photos as with this site you will earn you bonuses when you do(read more later).



Membership Base


It’s no throwaway line saying AdultFriendFinder is the largest adult social network / pick up site in the world. They currently have a little over 52 million users worldwide with Australia boasting *297,995 users.

*Figures correct as of 12 Mar 14. Source: Adult Friend Finder Admin


The majority of Adult Friend Finder’s users fall into the 25-34 year age group, the second largest being the 18-24 year group. The percentage of users by state are NSW – 27.1%, QLD – 24.3%, VIC – 22.3%, WA – 13.5%, SA – 6.9%, ACT – 2.4%, TAS – 2.0% and NT – 1.5%.


Your greatest chance of a hook up is if you are straight or a couple but there’s plenty of action for all kinds of niches including Transgender and the like. If this site doesn’t have what you are after then the Friend Finder network has a number of other sites which you can check out via the links below:


Adult Friend Finder Scam

“I was on there for one month, I even highlighted my profile but nobody emailed me. What a scam!”

A quick Google search will show up quite a few people claiming an Adult Friend Finder Scam but, in the majority of circumstances, these are people whinging because they simply haven’t picked up.

These types of complaints speak volumes about the type of people who are claiming an Adult Friend Finder Scam. A quick tip for people who think you simply need to chuck up a profile and wait for sex to show up on your doorstep, you’re kidding yourself!

Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean that some of the usual courting process needs to take place. Namely aimed at Men, unless you are Brad Pitt’s better looking younger brother, no woman is likely to throw themselves at your feet without so much as a hello. And also, a first comment such as ‘Nice Tits, Let’s Root!’ will not get you where you think it’s going to. Adult Friend Finder brings together people looking for similar things so your chances are greatly improved but you still need to stand out from the pack.

Another supposed Adult Friend Finder Scam is that they employ a horde of cam girls to seduce you into signing up. The fact of the matter is, anyone can sign up and the very nature of these sites tends to attract unscrupulous people looking to try and scam others. There are cam girls and marry me for residency types on the site, as there are nearly all sites, but it is the level to which they become a distraction that you should take into account.

During our use of the site we have of course come across many of these fake profiles but they are by far in the minority of the encounters we have had. These profiles are also very easy to spot in nearly every case and can simply be added to your blocked list and reported to site admin who investigate and remove the offending profiles.

It helps to view some stats for complaints to put them into perspective. From the first page of Google search results for the term Adult Friend Finder Scam, there are a total 242 negative reviews about the site dating back to 2008.

242 negative reviews from around 52,000,000 users or about 0.0004%.



Adult Friend Finder offers a Free trial and Paid Membership options.

Standard (Free) Membership allows you to:

  • Chat on Instant Message (IM) and in the Chat rooms
  • Respond to Gold Member Messages
  • Hotlist Other Members
  • Like photos & videos
  • Join Blogs and Groups
  • Basic Search with Gender, Sexual Interest, Age and Location filters
  • Watch One (1) Live Member Webcam


Standard Members may also qualify for popularity privileges which give viewing and email access to 50 members. You can qualify by having an interesting profile which gets a large amount of views within a three day period.


Adult Friend Finder’s Gold Membership gives you all of the above plus:

  • Advanced Search with every filter you can imagine including breast or penis size
  • Unlimited Live Member Webcams
  • Send Messages
  • Send Flirts
  • Send Friend Requests
  • Read Complete Profiles
  • Watch Videos
  • View Full-Size Photos
  • Comment on Photos and Videos
  • Receive Priority Customer Service


  • Cost Per Month
  • 1 month

  • $29.95

  • $29.95
  • 3 months

  • $59.80

  • $14.95
  • 12 months

  • $179.10

  • $9.95


If you don’t get laid within 3 months, email support and your membership will be extended free for three months. Conditions, such as sending three emails per month, apply.

Adult Friend Finder accepts payment by Credit Card, SMS (significantly more expensive) or Cheque/Money order. Paid membership will appear on your statements as FRIENDFINDER 4087021033.

Payment are set to auto renew by default meaning that your original membership type will be re charged as it’s about to expire. Unlike most sites, you have the option to turn off auto renew without deleting your account. This is done on the My Account => Membership Status => Billing History page.

If you want to delete your entire profile visit My Account => Delete Account => permanently delete Account. Make sure you have turned off auto renew prior to removing your account.



Adult Friend Finder offers an enormous amount of features to pass your time on the site. In fact, it is one of the most fully featured sites you will come across anywhere and there is something for everyone.

  • ConfirmID – The first, and we believe best, item we will cover is the ConfirmID service. This allows members to send a copy of their Driver’s License or passport along with some other details to Adult Friend Finder so they can verify you are real. Once approved, you will get a verified badge next to your profile so other members know your profile is real and, you will also get 2 weeks FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP. This is one of the better ideas and services that you will see of any site and demonstrates how serious they are to maintain a ‘clean’ database.
  • Standard Contacts – This feature lets all free Standard Members to contact you. The benefits of this additional feature are obvious as there are an enormous amount of new users signing up daily, users who can only contact members who have this option.
  • 1 month

  • $19.95

  • 3 months

  • $35.85

  • 12 months

  • $107.40


  • Profile Highlight – This option makes your profile stand out in search results, messages and comments; therefore drawing more clicks to your profile.
  • 1 month

  • $9.95

  • 3 months

  • $26.85


  • Adult Movies on Demand – Thousands of full feature adult movies in high quality format ready to stream or download.
  • 1 month

  • $20.95

  • 3 months

  • $44.85

  • 12 months

  • $131.40

  • 30 Day Profile Access – Should you want to view one member’s full profile and you aren’t a Gold member, you can pay $2.95 and open it up for 30 days.
  • Adult Chat Rooms – A multitude of chat rooms that any member can jump in and use; Topics of conversation cover everything from Daddy’s Girls to Techniques.
  • Live Model Chat – There are free models to chat with but to watch private shows it will cost you credits which you can buy through the site. The amount of credits depends on how much the model is charging.
  • Live Member Webcams – Adult Friend Finder members can (and do) stream live cams of themselves getting up to some crazy shit, all for your benefit.  Gold Members can watch any and all member’s webcams.
  • Bling – Icons which can be made by you, gifted or borrowed from other profiles. They are small pictures which you attach to your profile to draw interest. The more people who borrow and use your Bling, the more links you then have pointing back to your profile. Gold Members can create larger sized bling.
  • Contests – There are numerous contests running constantly and generally involve submission of a photo or video to win prizes. Prizes generally consist of free Adult Friend Finder memberships.
  • Points Program – Encouraging user engagement and giving huge rewards for doing so, Adult Friend Finder’s Points Program awards differing levels of points for completing certain actions on the site. Confirm your ID – 1000 points, Upload a Photo – 100 points. These can be redeemed for things such as becoming a featured member, hosting your own private chat room or even upgrading your account.

Points can also be purchased:

  • 1000 Points

  • $11.03

  • 2000 Points

  • $20.95

  • 3000 Points

  • $29.77

  • 4000 Points

  • $37.49

  • 5000 Points

  • $44.11


  • Featured Listing – Costing 50 points per day, your profile picture will show up separately and more prominently on the left side of the page. Only three members per day can be displayed so a random daily selection is made to see who is shown.
  • Magazine / Blogs – Write your own for points and to meet people or read others for advice and discussion. There are tens of thousands of articles online.
  • Groups – Join up groups to meet and chat with like-minded people.
  • ….And More – We’ve covered most things but the sheer volume of features is just overwhelming. And, Adult Friend Finder regularly adds more features to the site.


Ease Of Use

Adult Friend Finder has a mass of different features and finding your way around all of them may be a little overwhelming for some. The layout of the site is very user friendly with most options available via drop down menus from the top navigation. Should you get stuck anywhere there is a help link available on each page which has one of the most extensive FAQ’s we have ever seen


Site Experience

Our Adult Friend Finder experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Not just the sexual exploits but the chat rooms, groups, cams and other features as well. As previously discussed, people who think they’ll sign up and be banging away within the hour need a reality check (even though this does happen, it certainly isn’t the norm). You are going to have to put in some effort but this site, with its huge, active membership will pay off with a little perseverance.


Customer Support

Customer support for Australia is a little light on as there is only email support available through the site. The FAQ mentioned earlier is very in-depth and the vast majority of your questions should be answered there. If you need to email support, click on the ‘Help/Contact’ link at the top right of most pages and navigate to the ‘How can I email your service department?’ link. Response time for our test query was 18 hours which is not fantastic but certainly quick enough to head off any major billing or other issues.


Adult Friend Finder is without a doubt one of our favourite sites; whether it’s just shooting the breeze in the forums, chilling out with the huge adult movie collection or lining up a date with one of their horny members. If there is any criticism of the site it may be that there are too many distractions from most people’s primary goal on the site, hooking up with someone.

The pricing is brilliant for what’s included (especially with the three month guarantee thrown in) and the membership is really active, making the entire experience a good one.

This is only our third, five star rated site and for very good reason. Sign up for your free account at and have a look at what’s on offer. We know you’ll be impressed.

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