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Intro $59 (100 Credits), Elite $175 (500 Credits), Affair Guarantee $275 (1000 Credits)

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On January 14, 2013
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Undoubtedly the leader in its field. We can't fault any aspect of this site. With an 'Affair Guarantee' or your money back, you have nothing to lose.

Casual Affair LipsStarted in 2002 to fill a hole in the dating market, Ashley Madison has enjoyed massive success and now boasts a membership of 14 million people in 15 countries. Ashley Madison Australia launched in 2010 and over 500,000 members have joined, and that number is steadily increasing. With a huge membership base and an ‘Affair Guarantee’, Ashley Madison Australia is your one stop infidelity shop.


Sign Up Process

Like most dating /affair sites, sign up is free. Head over to Ashley Madison Australia, select your relationship status and start to fill in your profile. The profile process couldn’t be simpler. After entering your basic details you can jump straight into searching for people or you can tailor your profile with as much or as little info as you want. (Photos, sexual desires, etc.)

The male: female user ratio is approximately 3:2 with ages ranging primarily between 25 – 54 years. The site caters for married or single men and women looking for single or married men and women for hetero or homosexual affairs.

Membership BaseAshley Madison Homepage

As mentioned, Ashley Madison Australia has over 500,000 current members and this is increasing steadily. The user base is 60% male, 40% female, a very good ratio when it comes to affair sites. The site caters to predominately straight relationships but there is still a reasonable chance of a gay or lesbian hook-up . The major age density is the 35 – 44 range, closely followed by 25-34 and 45-54 with 70% under 40. Members are primarily located in capital cities but there is a good reported member base in country areas as well. While single members do feature on the site, the focus is namely on married people having affairs with other married people.

Ashley Madison Australia has very active members who are genuinely keen to bring some excitement into their lives. Of course there are some tire kickers, as on any dating site, but these can be spotted quite quickly as they are almost never paying members. One of the greatest features is the low number of fake or spammy profiles that plague other dating / affair sites.


Ashley Madison Australia uses a credits based system meaning no monthly recurring fees. You can choose from three credit packages:

  • Number of credits
  • Cost per credit
  • introductory

  • $59

  • 100 credits
  • $0.59 per credit
  • elite

  • $175

  • 500 credits
  • $0.35 per credit
  • affair guarantee

  • $275

  • 1000 credits
  • $0.28 per credit

Any of these ‘Full Membership’ packages includes the ability to:Ashley Madison Ad 2

  • Receive UNLIMTED mail messages
  • Send PRIORITY mail
  • Exchange PRIVATE photos
  • Appear FIRST in search displays

In addition to this, the Affair Guarantee (which is actually a guaranteed affair given you fulfill certain conditions) gives you 30 days of priority status (you appear in top 3 search results for geographic searches) and 24 hours of free chat on your first day.

You will need to use your credits for the following Ashley Madison Australia services:

  • Initial mail message to another member 5 credits (free to the same person after initial)
  • Send priority mail message 5 credits
  • Open a collect mail message 5 credits
  • Send AshleyGifts 20, 30 or 50 credits
  • Instant Messaging 30 minutes = 30 credits, 60 minutes = 50 credits

The following features are free to use:

  • Initial Sign-up and Profile
  • Basic and Advanced Searches
  • Receiving Winks
  • Send and Receive Photos
  • Add members to your favourites
  • Receiving AshleyGifts
  • Replying to a full members messages

Ashley Madison’s discrete billing methods include Credit Cards, PayPal and Western Union. There is no recurring membership fees, you only pay for credits as you need them. To cancel your membership, simply click on Manage Profile within the website and then Credit History. You can also delete your profile here.

Refunds only apply to the Affair Guarantee package on the proviso that you follow the guidelines laid out here. Should you not have an affair after following these steps, you will be refunded the entire cost of the Affair Guarantee Package.


Nearly all of the features have been listed previously with the exception of:

  • The Travelling Man – If you’re going to be on the road, you can send a custom Ashley Madison Ad 3priority message to 30 members in the city you are visiting. Select the type, age, ethnicity and location you want to meet and Ashley Madison Australia brings the women to you.
  • Member Feedback – Used as a guide only but, you can ‘rate’ or view others experience with other members. Do they do good chat or maybe even more?
  • Fantasy Date – This is an immersive chat feature that sets the mood for your chat session with one or multiple members at the same time.
  • Mobile Compatibility – You can use mail features, search and access your favourites or your profile through your mobile device.
  • Mobile Apps – Ashley Madison has apps for Apple and Android Devices

Note: To use Ashley Madison Australia on your mobile device there is a one-off $24.00 fee.

All features work flawlessly and have a 100% up time. The cost of using these services as previously listed are the only costs you will encounter, there are no hidden fees, ever.

Ease of Use

If you have even a modicum of computer knowledge then navigating your way around the site will be a breeze. All features are available through the main console which appears as soon as you login. All of the menus are located in this console and are easy to access and use.

Site Experience

Ashley Madison Australia is one of the only affair / dating sites that actually delivers on what it promises. Any company that offers an Affair Guarantee can’t afford to not provide a fantastic service and they deliver on every front. There are some fake profiles and you will come across some spam (advertiser) accounts but these are by far in the minority. You have the ability to block any spam accounts from contacting you and site admin proactively review profiles to check for spam.

With the enormous investment in advertising and site review, the membership base is kept fresh and active. Ashley Madison has been around since 2002 and they are still going from strength to strength.

Customer Support

There likely be a limited need to contact customer support for any issues. Should you need any help, there is a detailed FAQ in the main console which should answer any questions. If you need customer support you can call toll free on 1800-885-723 or via email by clicking here. Ashley Madison support hours of operation for Australia are Monday 4pm to Saturday 1pm excluding public holidays.


There’s not much to not like. The user experience is fantastic, the site easy to navigate, the membership base active and widespread and the cost excellent considering the guarantee in place. A very enthusiastic two thumbs up. If your up for an affair, Ashley Madison Australia is the place to do it.

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10 Responses to Ashley Madison Australia

  1. Helen says:

    This website is disgusting. This is promoting cheating. It makes me not want to get married cause I don’t think I could handle being cheated on. Its teaching everyone be cheap nasty and will make people loose faith and trust in others. I would feel very guilty to be making money having such a website but I guess someone that would does not have a conscious.

    • Helen says:

      Sorry “Conscience”

    • admin says:

      That seems unfairly judgmental Helen. By this rationale if we reviewed wine then would we also promote alcoholism?

      Infidelity has been around as long as the institution of marriage, longer in fact. The appearance of sites like Ashley Madison responded to a gap in online services, it does not create cheaters, it services them. You will also notice that we do not openly encourage or condone cheating, we merely explain the features of the website.

      We would also suggest that the existence of this site and others like it will have very little impact on any future spouses decision to cheat on you or any other person. That decision would be made long before any searches are typed into Google.

      • Bob says:

        If you promoted and enabled the consumption of wine to the point of excess where it impacted others, then yes, you would be irresponsible.

        Your organization profits from enabling practices that hurt others. However, it is the choice of individuals to use your services, so that is beyond your control, regardless how much effort you put into your marketing.

        It is sad though that people choose to use their personal skills and endeavors to profit from promoting harm to others. Again, this is your choice, Admin. I am not judging.

        • admin says:

          Hi Bob,

          This is the last comment we’ll respond to on this subject.

          If by enable you mean promote then that is not what we do. At no stage do we suggest that an affair is the answer to anyone’s problem.

          People do not come across our site when they are looking for relationship counseling. Nor do we employ ANY type of advertising to get people to our site. People arrive here because they are actively searching for a remedy to something in their lives and they’ve made a decision to pursue this course or, at least find information about how they can do it safely. There is no arm twisting here.

          Incidentally, I wonder how you came across our site?

  2. nu2oz says:

    I use the AM site myself and I am married. I love my wife and there isn’t a women in the world like her. However in the time we’ve known each other her sexual drive has changed, as where mine has not. But I couldn’t give up everything else in our relationship just because we have different sex drives. That’s just like me finishing with her because she got fat or wasn’t as good looking as we when we met.

    Between here and the other women in my life I met via AM I am happy. There are no strings to AM, it can be completely private with the people you meet and we still have a great marriage.

    Watch out for the scammer girls, don’t use the IM service and don’t get serious with anyone you meet

  3. Will says:

    I have a membership on AM and have mixed feelings about it.
    I have a lot of experience with online dating sites and I like to think Im pretty observant.
    It is my opinion that Ashley Madison has real women on it (and I would say most of the men are real too) BUT the site itself is run in a dubious manner and there are a lot of fake/webcam recruitment profiles there.
    Before I could complete my profile two beautiful young women had sent me “collect” messages and “collect” chat requests. To answer theses I have to buy and spend credits.
    Attractive women don’t need to solicit blank profiles for conversation…so I was immediately suspicious.
    As I began intereacting with the site I also found out that about half of the female profiles that listed their location as local to me were in fact based in Mid-West USA. If you interested in how I learned this feel free to contact me (
    I know there are real women on there because some of the girls look at my profile and don’t respond (yes I assume the girls who are real are the ones who don’t contact me…charming self-worth realisation). Also, I was referred to the site by a woman I know who uses it.

    So…in conclusion, there are real opportunities to make contacts but it will be expensive because you will have to wade through a lot of credit-soakers who I THINK are employed by AM to encourage credit spending.

    I know such ventures exist because I have dealt with webcam companies in a service environment and I know they provide warehouses full of girls who monitor dozens of sex-chat profiles for other companies. They get paid an hourly rate and send out generic “would you like to chat” messages which when answered by the guy never get replied to again.

    so…buyer beware

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Will.

      It is unfortunate that by virtue of these sites being what they are, people are going to try and take advantage of the users. We are not referring to the companies themselves (although some do employ these tactics) but to the third parties who try to lure you onto cam sites or just plain try to scam you. We have spoken with Ashley Madison directly about this issue as part of our review process and they emphatically state that they respond quickly to any reported spam profiles. In our experience, that seems entirely true as reported profiles have been removed very quickly and it is obviously in their best interests to maintain a ‘clean’ database.

      That being said, we have had very little trouble with spam profiles on Ashley Madison.

      Maybe some tips for others who do not have the experience in online dating sites like yourself is to check their profiles for things such as:

      1) More than one picture
      2) Make sure pictures aren’t stock images (see below)
      3) If multiple pictures, are they all of the same person
      4) Is the profile completed
      5) Are the comments or responses generic or ‘canned’

      If you’re in any doubt then move onto the next person and if you are sure that they are spammers, report them. It is unfortunate that these steps need to be taken but with a little due diligence there’s no need to waste time or credits on fakes.

      *If you are so inclined, there is an easy way to check if images are stock or not and that is to run them through Google’s image search. Simply right click on the photo and then select ‘Save image as’. Store it somewhere on your computer and then click here to go to Google. Click on the Camera icon and upload the photo you have just saved. Google will return all instances it finds of that photo and if it pops up all over the place on stock photo sites and in other websites promotions then you’ve most likely got a fake on your hands.

  4. paul says:

    I have only been a member for a day. The mobile site really sucks especially as it has to be paid extra for. I send a premium message and the only reply is that it has been opened by the receiver. Get no one I emailed view me either.

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,

      We reckon that one day is probably not enough time to make an informed decision about how effective the site is but, we do agree that having to pay extra for a mobile site is a bit rich.

      Another thing you have to take into account when using affair sites is that most people have to lead their normal lives for the majority of the time and don’t get a lot of time to check or respond to messages. Give it some time and don’t forget that there is an affair guarantee available as well. If you follow their guide and don’t score, you get your cash back.