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On September 25, 2013
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Aussie Cougars is another canned, cookie cutter website from Global Personals Ltd designed to siphon money out of your account into theirs whilst providing a lacklustre service in return.

Casual Affair LipsAussie Cougars is yet another white label dating site like Cougar Root (CR) run by the same company, Global Personals Ltd. You can read our CR review here. Also a newcomer to the market (18 months), Aussie Cougars suffers from the same issues we uncovered in our review of CR. We will offer a comparison between these two sites throughout the review but the end result is still, we recommend looking for a better cougar website.


Sign Up Process


Sign up is free and you can do it at After filling in the basics, you will be given the option to add a short bio to your profile which we recommend you do. Your bio needs to be approved before going into your profile. Next you’ll be prompted to upload a photo. We recommend uploading at least a few. Next is the personal characteristics which covers things like height, religion and even your downstairs maintenance regime. Finally you will be asked to pick your pleasures from positions to turn-ons and more.


At this point Aussie Cougars has the upper hand as CR doesn’t even prompt you to fill in these profile sections which are an absolute must to have any success online.


Once again we received no responses from the sites admin regarding user data so we have had to rely on the numbers that we could generate using their search features. We will once again use Melbourne + Sydney for our capital city numbers and Geelong + Wollongong for our regional ones.

 Aussie Cougars Header

Membership Base


As per our review for CR, we deduced the number of users and came up with *946,929 Aussie Cougars members of which 52,093 were female and 894,836 were men. That ratio is 94% males to 6% females. A very shitty ratio if you’re a male but pretty bloody good for the females. If you have looked at our CR review you will notice that those numbers are pretty much the same. There’s a reason for that which we’ll discuss further later.


Aussie Cougars age distribution is once again wide and also completely inappropriate for a site that should be dedicated to hooking up younger men with older women. Instead we once again have a site that has figures like over 40% of the women are under 30 and over 60% of the men are older than 30. For a site that should be concentrating on Cougar / Cub relationships, the disparity is atrocious.


I would like you to check out the two tables shown below. On the left are the numbers we got when researching CR on the 25 Aug 2013, on the right we have the numbers for Aussie Cougars taken on the 30 Aug. Look similar?


Cougar Root Female Comparison Table

Cougar Root – Female Members

Aussie Cougars Female Comparison Table

Aussie Cougars – Female Members


*Correct as of Aug 2013. We used Aussie Cougars search function to cover all of Australia and then honed in on the Capital and Regional areas. We did not bother listing the breakdowns for men this time due to the blatantly obvious sharing of member databases and, therefore, very similar numbers to Cougar Root.











Just in case the picture hasn’t come together yet, here are some screenshots taken on the 30 Aug 2013 of both Aussie Cougars and Cougar Root.


Aussie Cougars Home Page Comparison

 Cougar Root Home Page Comparison















The same dodgy practices are in place here as well with several messages received to both of our accounts before we had even completed our profile. It is very difficult to gauge whether the user base is actually active due to the amount of spam traffic that is being used to con you into an account upgrade.


Aussie Cougars and CR are equal here because, well, they’re basically the same bloody scam, err .. site.




If you’re already a Cougar Root member then this next section is probably going to piss you off a bit. You can sign up to Aussie Cougars with the same discount code we shared for CR ‘ADULT25’ so that you can receive 25% off. You may want to read bit further before taking that plunge though.


Aussie Cougars offers the same free limited membership or paid subscription.


Free membership includes:

  • Sign-up
  • Create / Edit profile
  • Advanced / Custom search
  • Create favourites list
  • Send unlimited winks
  • Receive winks, messages and favourites notifications (can’t read or respond to messages)
  • Use of Encounters (explained below)


A Paid subscription includes:

  • Send and receive private messages
  • See who has checked your profile
  • Create / Read dating diaries
  • Create / Watch video profiles
  • Use ‘Who’s Near Me’ search map
  • Astrological Birth Date report
  • Sun, Love and Passion Profile
  • Send Gifts (requires extra credits)

For the EXACT SAME SERVICE, you are paying about 15% less than Cougar Root. You are still paying for crap though.


Whereas CR was the most expensive site we had come across, Aussie Cougars has seen fit to charge a more reasonable, yet still grossly inflated amount.


You will be re-billed automatically when reaching the end of your current subscription period and the name ‘Global Personals Ltd’ will show up on your credit card statement.


Cancelling your account is straightforward and can be done on the site via the Contact Us link in your profile.


No guarantees or refund policy is available but you can request a refund through the Contact Us page.


Aussie Cougars support staff hours are between 0900 – 1730 via phone (England) on 0011 44 17 5327 1286 or you can use the Contact Us link on the site.


Aussie Cougars wins hands down on this one as they offer the EXACT SAME SERVICE as CR but do it cheaper.


Site Features


In addition to what we’ve already covered, Aussie Cougars also offers:


  • Live Models – An additional little piece of deceptive marketing which is an attempt to suck you into paying for a third party webcam site which isn’t affiliated with Aussie Cougars in any way, shape or form.

  • Dating Diary – Basically it’s a personal blog where you can write down your thoughts.

  • Encounters – Basically a different method of winking. You rate profile pictures on whether you would like to meet them or not and they can do the same. We don’t know what this achieves.

  • Astrology – Horoscopes, etc

  • Who’s Near Me – A map is overlaid with symbols depicting where members are based on their suburb. You can click on these symbols and view profiles directly from the Who’s Near Me interface.

  • Gifts – For extra credits you can send virtual gifts to another member. NOTE: Any credits purchased will be AUTOMATICALLY topped up to the same value initially purchased once you have used them up. Turn it off if you don’t want this.


Aussie Cougars has two further options they term as ‘Bolt Ons’.


  • Search VIP – Highlights your profile picture in the search listings to draw attention to it.

  • Read Notification – Sends you an alert when your sent messages are read.


These Bolt Ons are $4.99 each per month and are also automatically re-billed


Some of these features, such as Who’s Near Me, are well thought out and applied and make the sites usability that much better. Other features, such as Encounters are just plain pointless and add nothing to the experience. And, the Live Models feature is an outright scam. If you wanted to use a porn site, you would visit a porn site. This just tries to sucker people in thinking that the cam girls are part of the Aussie Cougars site which just isn’t the case.


Ease Of Use


The Aussie Cougars site layout is very straightforward and should present no problems for anyone. All pages are available from the main menu and the home page shows relevant information such as new members, photo updates, etc.


There is also an Inbox at the bottom of the page for easy access to notifications, messages, winks, favourites and more.


Site Experience


Site experience can be described as no better than crap. The time-honored tactic of the Admin’s sending spam messages from fake profiles in the hope that you will upgrade to a paid subscription is being used. This happens before you have completed a single scrap of your profile.


We received the below emails at the exact same time to two different profiles on Aussie Cougars and  Cougar Root. It is the same person supposedly sending us a private message, we think that’s pretty unlikely.


Aussie Cougars Email Capture

Rebecca wants to chat with us on Aussie Cougars…


Cougar Root Email Capture

…and on Cougar Root at the exact same time??



Upgrading to a paid membership will reveal generic ‘Hey Big Guy, how you doin?’ type messages and even these will dry up once they have your money.


Aussie Cougars and CR are neck and neck here once again, as they should be because it’s the same scam.



Customer Support


Once again, Aussie Cougars has a couple of addresses you can send emails to which will be ignored and There is also the international phone support number 0011 44 17 5327 1286 which can be used between 0900 – 1730.


No FAQ page could be found but digging through various links such as Membership and Customer Charter will eventually produce dribs and drabs of information.


Same customer service team, same response, or lack of one.





Aussie Cougars is another canned, cookie cutter website from Global Personals Ltd designed to siphon money out of your account into theirs whilst providing a lacklustre service in return.


Fake profiles, a membership base unsuited to the type of site it’s meant to be and shared between god knows how many other sites (five that we’ve found so far) plus spammy admin emails equates to a crap site.


Noting the sharing of members with other sites, you also have to wonder why they only included 50,000 females and over 800,000 male profiles although, these numbers can’t be taken that seriously noting the fake profiles used to send spam messages from.


In a word, Avoid! Aussie Cougars (and CR) could, but most likely won’t, get you what you are after. Save your money and find a different Cougar site. You can check out a comparison of our favourite sites here.

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3 Responses to Aussie Cougars

  1. holly says:

    Each time i make a profile after a couple of weeks it shuts me out of the website. So i have to go make a new profile and it then does the same thing. So when i go to log into i put in the right email and password and it says that i can not log in? I’m a bit over making new accounts and having to start agian all the time i have reported this a number of times but i would be nice if someone could fix this problem for me.

    • CeeJay says:

      Yeah holly im having the exact same issue….my profile is also duplicated onto other sites not affilliated with AussieCougars too which is dam frustrating weeding out the trash i receive! Even support keeps replying me the same generic speel and i provide still with no resolution…i cant even get in to unsubscribe or close my account-just rediculous!!!

      • admin says:

        I feel for both of you. I really can’t warn people off enough about this Aussie Cougars and Couger Root. if you are after the best Cougar Dating site and experience, there is simply no better the Cougar Life. Check out our review here

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