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Ladies - Free,
Men: Three day trial - $5.00,
Basic Package from $14.00 p/m,
VIP Package from $21.00 p/m,
Connect Package from $24.00 p/m

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On February 10, 2013
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Well laid out, easy to use site full of people looking to score, apparently. You will have to wade through a bunch a crap to find them though.

Casual Affair LipsWe should point out before we begin that BeNaughty is not designed as a married affairs site. Their raison d’être is as a hook up site for singles and couples.

Sign Up Process

Sign up for your free profile at by entering your basic details. Once you’ve confirmed your email, you can leave your profile there and jump straight in trying to find someone, although we recommend you fill out your profile a little more. The profile completion is very easy allowing for photos, description, desires and preferences. With this simple process complete you can begin your search.

BeNaughty is primarily geared towards single men but the options are for single men and women as well as couples for either straight or gay hook ups. Due to the ratio of males to females, women get everything totally free.


Membership Base

BeNaughty Australia states 1,002,126 members (at the time of writing this only 3,098 were online) indicating that this membership base is really not very active. Best available information says that male female ratio is about 70:30 so guys, you’ll need to bring something special to the table to hook up.  Ladies, the odds are in your favour.

The member distribution seems to be fantastic as, when you enter any postcode, even in outlying regions, you will normally receive dozens of matches close by, even in areas that you wouldn’t think support populations that large. Maybe it takes into account people willing to travel quite a distance?

Anecdotal and personal experience would show that a large percentage of these profiles (namely female) are spammy or for BeNaughty’s ‘marketing’ or ‘conversation stimulation’ purposes, which is listed in their T&C’s. While there certainly are real profiles on the site, sifting down to them does present a challenge.

The remaining ‘real’ profiles are predominately straight males which, for the female members, is an absolute boon. Be warned, professional scam artists have and do frequent BeNaughty Australia. If you sign up, play it safe until you are sure about a person, and don’t give them your credit card details, ever.



BeNaughty uses a subscription based model which is automatically re-billed each month. Any cancellations must be made prior to the next billing schedule. There are a number of different membership packages available which are listed below.


The BeNaughty Standard or Free membership entitles you to:

  •  Register your profile
  • Upload a video
  • Search and browse profiles
  • Vote for other members
  • View your activity page
  • Send winks
  • Send icebreakers (5 per day)

The BeNaughty Basic package will cost:

Three day trial

One month

Two Months

Three Months

$5.00 ($1.66 a day)


$49.99 ($16.66 per month)

$84.99 ($14.16 per month)

You can also elect to have a Trusted Member Status which elevates you higher in search rankings and will set you back $1.99 per month.


The Basic package entitles you to:

  • As per the free membership plus;
  • Send and receive unlimited emails
  • Unlimited voice and video chat
  • Chat room access
  • Comment on members’ profiles
  • Send and receive icebreakers

Warning: The three day trial immediately reverts to the monthly package after the trial period. To cancel the trial, read more below.


Ladies, you automatically receive Diamond Member status which allows, at no cost:

  • Send and receive unlimited emails
  • Unlimited voice and video chat
  • Chat room access
  • Comment on members’ profiles
  • Send and receive icebreakers
  • All for free.

Men, to actually meet anyone you’ll need a paid membership. Aside from the previously mentioned basic packages, there is the ‘Connect’ or ‘VIP’ upgrades available to help you meet someone much more quickly.


The BeNaughty Basic + VIP upgrade package will cost:

One Month

Three Months

Six Months


$70.69 ($23.56 per month)

$126.39 ($21.06 per month)


The VIP upgrade includes the following additional features:

  • Be among the first profiles other members will see
  • Highlighted profile in the search results
  • Different mail backgrounds to stand you out from the crowd
  • Add emoticons to add to your chat messages


The BeNaughty Basic + Connect upgrade package will cost:

One Month

Three Months

Six Months


$79.69 ($26.56 per month)

$ 144.39 ($24.06 per month)


The Connect upgrade includes the following additional features:

  • All non-paying members can contact you for free
  • A Connect badge next to your name letting everyone know your status
  • Guaranteed increase in email and chat replies


You can also select the BeNaughty Basic + VIP + Connect which gives you everything:

One Month

Three Months

Six Months


$94.69 ($31.56 per month)

$174.39 ($29.06 per month)

Standard payment method is via credit or Diners card. Alternate methods are mobile payments ($10.00 per week charge) or BPay which doesn’t attract any further charges.

Note: Credit card statement will show as, not exactly a discrete title and one that will raise partners suspicions I’m sure. does offer a refund provided you apply within seven days and also provided that you do not use their service in any way. To apply for a refund you can send an email here , with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Date/sum of transaction
  • The first four and last four digits of the credit or debit card that was charged
  • Name of the website registered email address
  • Reason for your partial refund request

Cancellation is an arduous process and should be undertaken well before your re-billing date. Follow the process below to cancel your BeNaughty subscription.

  1. Click on the My Account Link within the BeNaughty top menu
  2. Click Billing History
  3. Follow the cancellation procedure
  4. Enter your password
  5. Choose your reason for cancelling
  6. Call the BeNaughty phone number – 1800 187 218



Aside from the features already listed the following are available for paid members:

      • Gifts – A virtual gift used to break the ice or show an interest in another member.
      • Member ‘fun’ rating – A way to rate other members using emoticons. This feature can be turned off if you don’t wish to be rated.
        • Auto-reply – If you’re away from your computer for a while you can craft messages which will automatically be sent to people interacting with you via winks, star ratings, etc.
        •  Profile rating – Give and receive star ratings out of five. Can be reset or turned off.
        •  Naughty mode – Standard mode shows member profile photos only. Naughty mode will show nude photos and videos if they’ve been uploaded.
        •  Star member – A weekly rotating board of the most active members.
        •  Icebreakers – Pre-written short messages to contact other members.
        • Mobile Friendly – You can access all of BeNaughty’s features via your mobile
        • BeNaughty Apps – There is an app available for Android devices


 Ease of Use

The BeNaughty Australia site is well laid out with menus easily accessible at all times. The main interface displays all relevant information in ‘widget’ format making it very easy to get a full picture of your admirers, status, who’s available, notifications, profile, etc.


Site Experience

Signing up, navigating around and accessing site features is fantastic. The issues begin when you start using the site for its sole purpose, hooking up with someone.

Prior to signing on for a paid membership you will get a lot of interest from other ‘users’. Once paid up, expect to see those numbers tumble dramatically and expect a significant number of the profiles that do contact to be attempting to scam you.

The chat rooms are excellent and varied but be prepared to be spammed. The fakes stand out reasonably well from the people actually wanting a hook-up but, play it safe until you’re absolutely sure. Video chat is a less enjoyable experience and oftentimes is not operational.

Aside from these rather large problems, the site can deliver on its promise of getting you a hook up, you just have to wade through the crap to get it to happen.

Customer Support

Easy to find but don’t expect a response or a rectification anytime soon. Reported spam stays up, service issues are acknowledged but that’s about it and cancellations (as mentioned above) should be submitted well before re-bill date.

BeNaughty Customer support can be contacted by email here or you can call: 1800 187 218.



BeNaughty is a well laid out / thought out site that suffers from scam artists and less than satisfactory customer service. The subscription payment model is designed to keep money in their pocket rather than assist the user and the intermittent nature of some of the services is also frustrating.

Can you find someone on Sure. Women will succeed more easily than Men but guys, if you can sift through the crap, it is possible to find a like-minded soul looking for some fun.

If you’re not put off by the spam and are looking for some near instant gratification, then BeNaughty might be the fit for you.


Visit now to sign up for your free profile.



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9 Responses to BeNaughty Australia

  1. Ric says:

    If a site administrater ask you to verifying your self by putting card details in don’t it’s a skam take money out of your card and then you can not get back into the site had to canseal my card to stop and still can get back onto site !

  2. Me says:

    Can you please stop sending me emails from your
    Web site , thankst

    • admin says:

      Hey Me.

      You’ll have to log into your BeNaughty account to stop those emails. We have absolutely nothing to do with the site except that we provide a review of it based on our experiences. If you read the above review it will tell you how to remove your profile.

  3. Robert Jackson says:

    hello can you please confirm to me that all memberships under my name and email have been cancelled as I have requested. I have requested this a couple of times now and requested a confrontation email to be returned to me that all memberships are cancelled as I have requested.

    Kind Regards
    Robert Jackson

    • admin says:

      Hi Robert,

      I think you may have us confused with the actual site BeNaughty. We simply provide a review of the site and can in no way affect the crenellation of your membership. Use the contact details provided above to get onto the BeNaughty administrators and good luck.

  4. clayton says:

    the worst dating site.
    continually taking money when subscription was cancelled
    No real women just fakes

  5. a says:

    A totally scam site, beware … all women from over seas and only want chat. dozens of scamers on every day telling you to verify your membership by logging on to another siteand no actual support

  6. Zygote says:

    So here’s my experience –

    Paid around $200.00 for 3 months plus upgrades. I was inundated with mails immediately from random “girls”, 99% of whom asked for my email, verification of my account and other easy to detect scam attempts.

    A few “women” were a little smarter but after finding out that I wouldnt’ go provide my email they tended to need to log off quickly despite them being online apparently 24/7.

    Cancelling account requires that you select cancel, then a bunch of confirmations and then ring a 1800 number to speak to a woman who asks you what site you want to cancel. Obviously done so guys who are a little insecure likely would choose to hangup rather than admit they’re on a sex site.

    Worst thing though and something which I found really questionable is I signed up for 3 months and when you ring up to cancel recurrent billing they cancel your subscription and remaining time so I ended up paying for 3 months, cancelled recurring billing after 2 days and my 3 months was cancelled as well 🙂

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